Krups Blender/Liquidizer

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Krups Blender/Liquidizer


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Product Description

With the Blender KRUPS Perfect Mix KB303110, you can make delicious smoothies with ease.The glass bowl of the blender ensures optimal hygiene and is easy to clean. Its two speedsallow to work different textures according to your preferences.

Powerful thanks to its power of 300 W , this small blender has 4 blades in tempered steel to chop and mix fruits and vegetables. It is also very effective for chopping your nuts, hazelnuts or other similar foods thanks to a mini chopper bowl. It also has a bowl of coffee grinders and spices for real versatility.

The small dimensions of the blender KB303110 make it ideal for one to two people with its 0.6L bowl. It blends easily into your kitchen , even if you only have a small area. Its 2 small bowls (mini chopper and coffee grinder) can also serve as storage boxes for your spices or chopped nuts.

Elegant and ergonomic , this Krups blender is easy to handle. The glass bowl clips easily onto the main foot. The two large buttons allow you to choose the mixing speed with simplicity and without risk of wrong button.